The Team

Our Team is proud of the countrywide relationships we’ve built over the last 9 years.

Your team is made up of the best of the best of Belize.

Our behind the scenes team, the global team stay “in the know” of what’s trending to bring our unique luxe-style to you.

Tried, tested and true.

Introducing Lara Goldman

Lara Goldman, Founder and CEO

I am the original philly-zean, my own special blend of Philadelphian (Philly) and Belizean style attitude… which really means, I got this.
As a Destination manager/consultant, I add my philly no-nonsense/right is right approach to how specialize your event. Philadelphians are less concerned with how a statement sounds than they are about how accurate the statement is. If I think something is bound for doom, then I’ll tell someone that it’s not going to work…and I say it directly.

We are not interested in letting you run wild with dreams that are not possible, but passionate about Designing your Dreams into a real experience. An experience that is always bespoke and “Top form”.
This is the philly part – that’s my style and my taste, my desire for luxury within the simplicity of life. It’s what I bring to my guest.

As for the Belizean, it’s about knowing how to get things done here.

It’s about having finally learned patience, and Belize has taught me that. It’s about knowing that relationships are everything. And every single human that is part of servicing your needs, is important. I make sure they feel this and success follows throughout your event.

This is the belizean part – the creativity of using only what is available here – and still making it stylish/chic/luxe, amazing!

Both Philadelphians and Belizeans are the same in one regard – Respect is something you can pick up and look at it. No one has ever questioned where they stood with me…
Will Romantic Travel Belize Deliver? If you can place your Dreams with us, and let us do everything… Success follows. Does that help?

Sipping the Honey of Life

Lara, I just want to thank you for all the coordination you did for our Belize trip. It was absolutely amazing and effortless on our part. It’s the first time my husband and I have been able to just sit back and let everything happen. I am definitely hiring a travel agent the next time we travel out of country. Again, thank you so much!

-Mrs. Graciela Oct 2014

About Lara

Lara has lived in the country of Belize for several years now. Residing on one of the many beautiful Cayes. When she isn’t masterminding a fabulous affair or sharing her travel specialist tips with a traveler.  She is channeling her artistic gifts into extraordinary projects that reflect her attention to detail and luxury, designing an ultimate experience for her clients.

“I learned what it means to live and work in a developing country as Belize, the blessing are both unspeakable and measurable.” Being in the “know” with the locals, their traditions, their needs and desires greatly helps to support her dreams and visions.

Lara’s personal dedication to her new home, is reflected in the many charitable community programs and contributions she is involved in.

“I’m about lasting relationships and powerful allies, that make things happen.” Which gives her an ever increasing platform to “return” the love, by engaging in programs that contribute to the growth of Volunturism and the economic growth of her home, Belize.

Mrs. Goldman gives her clients the opportunity to experience this by including a division of holiday Volunturism on her travel site. It’s a wonderful way for family’s and friends to share their desire to “pay it forward”.

As you begin to dream up your luxurious Romantic Wedding, vacation or personal gift of travel to Belize. You can trust that impeccable service is already happening!

Bringing you home to the Heart.  That’s how it’s done over here at Romantic Travel Belize.

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