LGBT Ceremonies In Belize: An inquiry from the BTB

It is an honor when the Belize Tourism Board calls me, as they often do, for wedding related advice and guidance.  So, it was an even bigger honor when they reached out to ask me about LGBT (lesbian gay bi-sexual transgendered) ceremonies for an international Caribbean Tourism Association.  The CTA asked for general information about such events, and I wrote a small overview for them.  In re-reading, it’s actually some pretty useful information, so I thought I’d share it here for those looking.

LGBT Wedding Ceremonies:

While LGBT ceremonies are not recognized by the Government of Belize, a beautiful ceremony can be arranged.  Those living in countries/states where Gay marriages are recognized would still need to have the ceremony legalized in their home state in order to receive the benefits of their home country.
LGBT ceremonies in Belize can be absolutely stunning and a wonderful way to celebrate love.  A Mayan Shaman can officiate a Commitment Ceremony using the practices from the Ancient Mayans which have been passed down to this direct descendent Shaman.  The spiritual ceremony is beautiful, symbolic, and authentic.  Those wishing for a more traditional ceremony can chose a  Justice of the Peace or a Reverend to Officiate the ceremony.
Overall, the LGBT community will find Belize to be a most hospitable destination for their vacation, wedding or honeymoon, however, a local Destination Management Specialist should be consulted to avoid social or political gaffs.
To read more about the legalities of a Same Sex Ceremony, please see my blog “Same Sex Wedding Legal in Belize?

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